Welcome To House of Zanzibar

House of Zanzibar began as a global partnership to help farmers on the East African island of Zanzibar continue to feed their families. The island of Zanzibar has been long known as a “Spice Island” for its unique soil composition which produces some of the best quality plant oils and butters around the world.

We began as a partnership that grew into a movement centered around the return to raw natural products that actually work, and away from overpriced chemical based brands and ingredients.

Our principles are community, partnership, affordability and quality. Come along with us on this journey that your hair & skin can also appreciate as we bring you the best natural products  straight from the hands of local farmers, to your home.

Our Vision

What We Want

Our goal is for customers to get used to expecting results & solutions in skin and hair products that they invest in.

What We Can Give

Our best! We can give an experience of what quality products feel like while creating a new standard for raw products. We can give everything except for the hand-made banana leaf bracelet on our hands in the video.

Our Values

Organically Produced
Packed With Care
Inspected Like Family

Our Aim


Quality Products

Customer Service